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system slowness

Computer running slower than usual.

Super slow computer-Heres Hijack log-Can you help?

Slow IE & Adverts/Image Swap

Computer just plain slow

Help-OS Slowing System & Internet Connection

Computer Running Very Slow. Please Help

Computer acting up: Lagging

Comp Slowed down a fair bit

Virus slowing down my computer and can't be found

Slow Running Computer possible virus?

Computer running super slow. blue screens of death!

spyware on computer [Moved from XP]

Computer slowdown

Computer reacting very slowly.

Malware removed but pc still slow - DLLs issues

PC running very slowly due to Vundo Trojan (and maybe others)

Computer running a little sluggish

computer running slow when multitasking followed 5 steps

Computer running terribly slow

Comp slows down and then freezes

First-time Malware victim - vwwdiag32 - computer runs very slow

Extremely slow system with clean scans

Computer on a Go Slow not sure why

Computer speeds through bootup but lags on Windows XP 64x startup.

computer running very slow hasdialers and spyware

Computer running too fast

Computer Runs Slow + LOP

Computer running unusually slow.

Computer slowness with no malware found

computer being REALLY REALLY slow

Computer is really slow due to Spyware. Need Help!

both computers are going slow because of spyware help!

Slow computer for absolutely no reason.

Everything windows-related becomes slow at certain point.

Computer running slow and erratic.

Help With My Slowish Computer

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