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My Vista computer won't even start running now

PC Starup problems

=( My laptop can't start up

HELP.! my Computer doesen t start!.

operating system wont start during boot

Computer not starting up

boot up problems.

Can't boot

HELP - computer won't boot properly

My computer will not boot up

Computer will not startup

My computer won't boot up correctly

not booting all the time

cant start computer

My Compputef doesnet bot

Computer doesn't reboot.

Problems with starting PC

Help! computer crashes and then doesnt power up!

pc won't boot after.

Can't open My Computer

Computer won't boot. Help?

cant boot

Laptop won't boot up

Computer booting problems

After Windows update - laptop won't boot

Windows not starting sometimes

HELP! PC not booting

Computer won't boot :(

pc want load

My pc wont work

Computer won't start properly

Can't Start up Computer!

PLEASE HELP! PC won't boot! Blue screen of death.

SERIOUS problem starting up pc

HELP! Windows Wont Start!

Vizsta suddenly doesn't boot

Problems with Booting Up

computer not loading window

Laptop BSOD and won't restart

computer will boot

BSOD now comp will not even power on

Please help - computer won't boot

HELP! laptop doesn't boot.

Unable to startup computer sometimes

Computer wont Start Properly.

Can't start my computer anymore.

OMG plz help comp won't boot sometimes

help cant boot up

unable to open computer

My computer will not load

Help Me. My computer wont start!

Computer Wont Boot. Need Help!

Just wont boot.

windows does not start anymore

Computer wont boot - blue screen

I can't boot my pc anymore?

Can't Boot Normally

Unable to boot up the computer - HELP ME!

Problem at boot-up

Important I cannot get my computer to work

computer cannot start/dark blue screen

Computer will not boot no matter what

Laptop wont boot!

Trouble booting computer

comp doesn't start vista anymore! or anything!

Computer Start Up problem

Computer(Laptop) will not start - Blue screen

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