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Messenger & Adobe cannot connect to net.

Can't access Yahoo or Google.

Help! Old desktop can not connect to router

W7: Will not connect to my Wired network

Can not connect to Internet

not able to log in internet

Unable to connect to network printer

Win7- can't connect to wireless network anymore

Internet won't work?

I can't connect to the internet

pc can't access Internet

Monitor doesn't receive signal

Can't get internet up and running

Cant connect to any remote server. MSN

Can't Find Media Center

My computer will not connect to the internet!

Cannot connect to Internet!

Unable to connect to Microsoft

Second computer can't connect to the net

my IE & the internet connection seem getting problems

Cant logon to my wifi.

Cannot Join Wireless Network

My desktop won't connect to the internet

Wont Connect to Internet

Got it off of an AIM link Turns off my firewall etc.

Cant connect?

Cannot connect to windows update

Can't connect to my wirless network

cannot get onto internet

Cannot connect to WLAN on W7 - Can on XP

Cannot connect to Wireless network in WIN7

Can't Connect to the Internet anymore

Can't connect to net. Windows finding no problem.

Cant connect to internet.

cannot connect to hotmail or msn

Can't connect to your wireless network? Tried everything? Try this.

Cannot connect to hotspot wifi

Internet Exsplorer won't connect to broad band

Cant get Laptop to go online

cant connect with kaspersky on

Some programs cannot connect to the internet

Problem with Steam

Unable to connect to inet with some programs

internet connection/connect to microsoft exchange

Can't connect to DHCP server

Can't get internet connection with my wireless adapter!

Can't connect to Internet!

unable to get connected

Cannot connect to remote server

Cannot access the internet

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