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System suddenly very sluggish and unresponsive with no CPU hogging.

CPU usage jumping around

CPU Usage Bouncing All Over the Place

High CPU usage % (60-100%)

PC slowing down terribly and svchost.exe at 99% CPU usage. Please Help.

o/t cpu usage 100%

CPU usage regularly hits 100%

CPU usage at 100%

Big CPU Lag - Possibly Malware

CPU usage 100% suddenly

How do I lower my CPU usage? My usage is at 100%

Windows Messenger uses 100% cpu

PC very slow - CPU 100%

Very High Cpu Usage + Slow Internet Speeds

100% CPU usage.Need some help really bad. please

CPU Usage way too high

CPU Usage Stuck on 100%

CPU Uses 100%

100% CPU

idel computer shows cpu usage 100%

CPU Usage 100% when running programmes

Desktop doesn't show; services.exe using 99% CPU

cpu usage increased.

High CPU usage

vista word 2007 cpu usage

Excess CPU usage

High CPU usage since a few days.

cpu usage 100% - running super slow

100% use of CPU by Task Manager after every 30sec

Slow computer with CPU usage at 100%

FireFox Hogs CPU

Google links hijacked and CPU usage maxing out

Computer sometimes hangs under 100% CPU load

What is eating my CPU?


internet problems and cpu at 100%

100 % CPU problem with several programs /games

PC sits on 100% CPU. Could i have been highjacked

constant 100% CPU usage

Windows using 100% CPU usage all the time.

Slow Startup and Program Launch - CPU Usage HIGH

CPU Usage

svchost and tftp cause xp to freeze help me

100% CPU used after I start my computer.

IE 90% CPU Usage

Having %100 CPU Problems

Computer bogs down/CPU 99%

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