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However if Boot.ini is on an NTFS partition, you cannot access the Boot.ini from a MS-DOS boot disk. How do I send trace messages to a user-mode debugger? The default system is determined by the next line "default={address of operating system} For most home PCs the entry is "default=multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS". Now the OS you selected should be highlited by default and will boot from it unless you select another OS using the up/down arrows.---> XP was installed first and created a have a peek at these guys

Example of a Win9x line in Boot.ini: C:\=" Windows 9x/Me " Read Bootcfg for a description of Bootcfg uses/commands. [top of page] #7 Use Win9x Boot Disk to Edit Boot.ini This disk() This is always 0 when multi(0) is used because the INT 13 call is involked. This is easily accomplished by using the System Configuration Utility (often called msconfig). To use Safe mode: Press the F8 key during bootup. directory

Contents 1 History 2 Startup process 3 boot.ini 3.1 Example 3.2 NT kernel switches 4 See also 5 References 6 External links History[edit] Windows NT was originally designed for ARC-compatible platforms, It can be a simple file, hard link, but not a symbolic link or a junction point.[6] /KERNEL=filename — Defines the kernel that is loaded at startup. Otherwise start here at 1.

If you don't, use a Windows 2000 CD to bypass the prompt. Extensive information on the new boot process can be found at this Microsoft site. Therefore, it is recommended to use the /BURNMEMORY switch instead.[9] /MININT — This option is used by Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE) and loads the Registry SYSTEM hive as a volatile hive Use this switch when there is a component other than a mouse attached to a serial port during the startup process.

The next section, or the "operating system" section, is used to list and specify the location of each of the operating systems installed on the computer. YesNo Feedback E-mail Share Print Search Recently added pages View all recent updates Useful links About Computer Hope Site Map Forum Contact Us How to Help Top 10 pages Follow us In the case of a floppy the BIOS interprets its boot sector (first sector) as code, for NTLDR this could be a NTLDR boot sector looking for the ntldr file on boonalityDec 27, 2009, 10:49 AM Err...

How Do I Enable WPP Tracing Through the Windows Event Log Service? boonalityDec 27, 2009, 10:19 AM you can do it through (it's been a while so take this loosely and search around a little)Right click My Computer --> Properties --> Advanced --> How do I change the prefix output on every trace line? Basic Software Tracing What is the performance cost of software tracing?

Ask ! https://www.lifewire.com/how-to-repair-or-replace-boot-ini-in-windows-xp-2624512 This will allow you to edit Boot.ini on the NTFS partition even through you are in true DOS. The most thorough method is a manual edit from Windows or MS-DOS but beware of typing errors or grossly incorrect entries. All rights reserved.

Customizing Software Tracing What is the Defaultwpp.ini file? I do not get the menu to select which OS to boot up, and in order for me to switch between OS's i have to change the boot order of hard multi(0): The adapter of the hard disk that Windows is on. Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) About Event Tracing for Drivers Adding Event Tracing to Kernel-Mode Drivers TraceLogging API TraceLogging for kernel-mode drivers and components Capture and view TraceLogging data TraceLogging Examples

NTLDR can also load a non NT-based operating system given the appropriate boot sector in a file. When a user chooses an operating system from the boot menu, the following command-line arguments are then passed to the part of the osloader.exe common to all processor architectures: load osloader=

The "default" line is the default operating system that the boot.ini will load. Can I preserve the last-error code before TraceMessage is called? If you are changing boot options for Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, or Windows Vista, see Boot Options in Windows Vista and Later.]Boot.ini is a text

TeraByte's DOS-based utility, EditBINI, will overcome this restriction.

How do I change the prefix output on every trace line? Advanced Software Tracing How do I generate trace messages from a header file? These other functions are discussed in the Microsoft references given at the end of the article. Bootup with a Windows 9x boot disk if C: not using NTFS.

Some features of DEP are turned on by default with a boot.ini switch "/NoExecute=OptIn". This mode can also be accessed without modifying any files by pressing the "F8" key as the computer is booting. /sos Causes the operating system to print out information as it Because it is an essential system file, the attributes are set to hidden, system, read-only to protect it. Boot information is stored in a Registry-like file called the Boot Configuration Data (BCD) store.

attrib-s-r-hc:\boot.ini is very wrong! How do I redefine an fprintf function as a tracing call? Below is a listing of each of the options. When finished, press ALT-F-S to Save Boot.ini.

Even deleting that faulty Boot.ini may not stop Bootcfg re-entering the faulty line into the new Boot.ini.