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MS BT Notebook Mouse 5000 is not detected after Vista re-install

[Help] Laptop's microphone doesn't work.

Logitech keybord hotkeys not functioning well

online game not working on vista

Links in some sites/emails will not open

NO browsers are working.

CMD will not read commands.

My mouse and keyboard no longer work!

USB mic help?

Problem with Ctrl+N shortcut

browers suggestion not there anymore

Copy and Paste not working!

I'm connected to the internet but my browsers won't work

Keyboard/mouse not working Windows XP

Usb issue.

Scroll Lag + Windows Lag when dragging or scrolling

Desktop Shortcuts -stopd working

browsing problem in windows 7

USB's dont work right

Can't use Keyboard and touchpad after boot

Internet not functioning correctly

Search engine not working

Usb keyboard and mouse not working at login

Mouse Problems Occur Please Help

mouse clicks don't work in Google searches

Scrolling won't Function

menushowdisplay not working?

Windows not working

web browsers not working

USB Ports not working properly with peripherals

Touchpad randomly stops working.

Installing Microphone with Vista

wireless internet wont work.

Browser not connecting but network available

usb port not detected

browsers not working

Touch Pad Control Not Working

USB port problems.

Alienware theme won't stay applied

Google not working

Touch keypad / mouse stops working randomly

Browsers stop working afte some time

DVI to HDMI used to work with my TV but doesn't anymore

Unpredictable Restarts+CDROM isn't working.

TouchPad Doubleclick not working

Vista Windows Move Problem

intel 82801gb ich7 microphone doesnt work

USB problems with Vista 64 bit

Volume Not Working

Toshiba NB305 some usb ports not working

Script for closing windows not responding

quicktime audio issues

Cant Copy & Paste/Task Manager and System restore not working

Problem with speakers

Mic not working for somereason on windows vista

need help with mic

Net Connection: Working - Browser: Not!

onboard Sound card problems

Mic not recording [W7x64 / VIA High Definition Audio]

Mic wont work on messenger

USB 2.0 problems

Control & paste not working!

My InstallShield doesn't work anymore. Help!

Speakers won't work!

Start/Run/CMD Does not work?

DailyMotion is not working

Plug in mic wont work

browser stops working

problem with google search toolbar

speakers not working

My mouse and keyboard are not working

CDWOW Webpage Will Not Load

microphone setup problems (no voice)

USB root hub port malfunction for lap dv8000

Keyboard backspace is not working

Problem using youtube

Problem with HDMI to TV. not recognized

problem with mouse and ports

So Sound From Plug-in Speakers

problem with skype audio

Office 2007 shortcut problem

email hyperlinks misdirect to IE home page

Problems with mouse and keyboard

Automatic scrolling down of pages and certain keys of keyboard not working

problems with youtube

acer aspire mouse pad not working

Mouse-Keyboard-Printer Stop working

Plug and play USB devices problems!

Problem with desktop shortcuts

google or msn seach doesn't work

Wired network not working

IE8/Firefox/Safari not working when using search engines

Installed windows 7 now touchpad scroll won't work!

XP not recognising mouse or keyboard.

Usb 1 works but Usb 2 doesn't?!

Internet working and not working

MSN Issue

Internet stops working

USB doesn't working as well as left 'ctrl' does not

Seriously need help (No sound)

I also have a USB problem

USB ports not working

Problems with MSN.

mouse not working

Browser doesn't connect

Ethernet Controller Driver Suddenly Sropped Working

Mic Problems

Speaker Problems

touch pad is not working


YouTube Problems

Can't get microphone to work for PC

Keyboard Wont Work When Windows Starts Up!?

Spacebar problems while using IE

Problem opening links/hyperlink from Email on Outlook 2013

Keyboard and Mouse stop working HELP PLZ!

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