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Trojan/Virus/Malware problems

Help in removing traces of a trojan

I Have Various Virus's/Trojans

Problem With a Trojan

trojens/malware plz assist

Please help! Got a BIG Trojan/worm.


Please help with Trojan

i think i have a worm/virus?

Trojan/Malware Infection - help please

Trojan/Malware Help?

Trojam Help

Can anybody help me get rid of a trojan?

Need help removing Trojan

many logs; still cannot remove trojans

need help with trojans

Cannot remove Trojan

Can't get rid of Trojan.

New user:Trojans

2 Trojans on my computer

HJT - Trojan cannot be fixed

I have a new Malware Trojan

Help Needed with Trojan on my PC

trojans and malwares found! help help help!

Poblems with ad ware and Trojans

Trojan found on my laptop

Suspected Trojan virus

Help! The worms are taking over my PC!

Scanners cant remove my spyware please help me :(

Trojan Infection (Vista PC)

Trojan Horse Found! (freeze problem help)

I have a Trojan Horse Dialer

Virus (Trojan) Please Help

Worm-cmd.com? Need help. :(

Help Getting rid of trojan

trojan or virus

Help: I think I have a trojan

Trojan infection

Help With Trojon Virus

Help. i am havin problems removing a trojan

Computer giving me trouble possible virus/trojan

I have a Trogon horse virus and I muss up my computer trying to get rid of it

Have trojans :(

trojan help need pls

Computer affected by Trojan/Virus


help removing trojan

generic trojan need help locating

Possible Trojan help please!

Virus/Trojan/Spyware Removal - Need ur Help

Trojan Viruses

Trojans in my computer!

Trojan/spyware problems

Can not get rid of download.trojan virus

can't get rid of trojans / viruses

Help With Trojan

Email Trojan ?

Malware/ trojans infected computer

Virus / Trojan / Malware.please help me remove

Possible Trojan Infection

Need virus/trojan removal help :(

Help with Spyware/Trojan

Help with trojan viruses

Trojan Virus - *Help*

Help! Spyware and Trojans!

Need help finding and deleting Trojan

I keep getting 'Trojan' ith avast!

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