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Please Help - Window Pop-up's and Mailware

Spyware warnings and IE infected!

Fake Security Tool is on my computer

Constant popups and warnings with erroneous messages - Ultimate Defender

Pop-up help! Spyware?

Multiple Spyware & Virus warnings

constant popups - "spyware detected

Stupid pop-ups won't go away.HELP! Hijack incl.

serious AIM virus help.

fraud.sysguard malware fake av popups

screen taken over by supposed spy-remover

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unknown virus - Help

I turned my computer on this morning to find it with a big virus

Please help.Popups and possible Malware !

possible virus issue

Malware on my machine: IE pops up at random

Infected by Personal Anti virus- Help

Please help - Desktop warning message taking over my computer

Pop-ups saying I have Spyware and infected with Trojan Horse

My son's computer may be infected.

Fake spyware dowload popups

virus/trojan that asks for the credit card

Problem with spyware and popup

Unwanted Pop Ups MalwareAlarms

Trojan and Fake Internet Security Pages

Multiple pop-ups and virus warnings!

Warning: Spyware has been detected on this computer

Possible Malware please help.

explorer opens and says malicious code detected

warning pop up

Trojan and frightening popups in IE

Help with virus please?

internet explorer popups posing as firefox which NEVER has random popups

Avast! Found a virus but is incapable of getting rid of it? Please assist.

VIRUS ALERT! Problem! Please advice!

Please help with 'Personal Security' trojan

Slow Comp/Pop ups/Malware alerts

Trojans and Annoying Pops Ups

Re-occuring Malware/Trojan inducing pop-ups

Constant Popups - Virus's Found

Popup infection

virus alert near the time wont erase

alot of errors and possibly a virus plz help

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