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windows 7 (64) vs incredimail.

windows driver framework bsod while playing games

Windows 7 Video Game Crashes

Please Help I have blurry fonts and want to see them crisp and clear

Loss of Admin rights

Removing Quicktime Completely

Planning to downgrade to Windows 7

Can't login - no login screen

Firewall problem after update

Lost Windows XP Start Bar

Blue screen of death + endless restarts after installing updates

Programs Automatically closing. in error

Microsoft Outlook 2010 and Windows 10

Problem with update

Windows 7 backup extremely slow

Audio problem?

My Firewire and Camcorder

possible registry problem

Whats the difference between OEM and retail license?

I can't use my taskbar

Numerous duplicate documents appeared after changing PC name

Laptop Will Not Pass Startup

I have encountered a problem that I can't troubleshoot. WEIRD BSOD

Frequent BSOD / Frequent applications crashing

lost administrator priviliges

Different programs look blurry after reinstall of windows.

Built in mic stopped working (not a hardware issue)

ALSO stuck in rebooting loop.

explorer.exe exits right when i login

NTFS.sys may have caused an error blue screen in XP home.

All Windows loses focus every 5-10 seconds

Active window keeps deactivating.

Windows vista audio problems

Stupid Desktop bar won't go away

Sound/Video playback stops

Help with disappearing windows apps?

Can't Run Defrag

problem with one of two user accounts

BSOD! please help me read my minidump file

Windows won't load past initial b&w progress bar.

mouse issues

Cannot Open Icons

BSOD problem by tcpip.sys file on laptop

Windows Vista sound and video lag

randomly minimizing full screen apps

Computer is slow and glitchy

Programs not opening

Win10 Windows Button Fix Error

Photo Slideshow is off since update to W10

Windows 10 PC Blue Screens

TouchPad Tapping option resets when Windows 10 is restarted

Compatibility Error: Missing codec won't allow me to run messenger

Creating Additional User Account *FAILURE*

Windows not booting correctly?

WINDOWS XP Login Failure sometimes.

Missing memory

Windows 10 App Store not working

Vista Mirosoft Mail Sig Picture

Windows 7 and Vista networking problems

Windows 10 anniversary update problems

BSOD experiencing random freezes

Do I have a big problem on my PC?

Windows XP Login Screen won't let me logon

Power scheme spontaneously changes from Hibernate to Standby

Updates being blocked!

Help: Win 10 won't boot after system reset

Sound slight lag issues

Start bar inacessable and IE doesnt work

[resolved] msconfig/regedit won't run

laptop hangs when i 1st log in

Dumpchk doesn't display everything

0xc000000f Error & Random Freezing

Audio skipping

Desktop Freezing

Weird Registry Issues (or bugs)

windows suddenly reboots

Help! System Locking Up!

need help. some system scan program installed itself on my comp an messed it up

Computer Running Slow and Glitchy

Help! All my programs now(don't) open with.

Windows 10 HP Laptop Keeps Restarting

Can't network computer

Minimising I.E to taskbar causes PC to jitter

Re-Installed windows and having problems

How Can I Restore SHLWAPI.Dll File

Uninstalled ZoneAlarm - what now?

WormStopper detected email activity. Computer will crash without notice

missing desktop + taskbar query

Intermittent Mouse Freeze - Forced To Reset

XP PC will not logon to NAS drive passworded share

Graphical Option and display mode.please help me to fix this one.

Windows will not load after Restart

Losing Settings on reboot

Can't open Folders with Video files in them .

Registry full error

Icon On Desktop Blink

Windows can't shut down or does it slowly

Calculator blocks most access on startup

Win 7 Home network Issues. Can't Save a file

CHKDSK? What is the log saying? Is my SSD data safe?

Endless Restart

Using Paperport in Windows XP

shut down slow

All programs encountering errors.

Rolling back from Windows 7

Windows Needs to be Activated

windows keeps crashing

bsod when connecting aol software

Opening 8.1 via desktop "blocks" i.e. Weather

Computer wont respond before login screen

Default drive action

Can't complete Widows product activation

Start RSIT inoperative (Following)

General system slowdown / IM problems

Rebooting When Idle

Disabling Window-Grouping on Status Bar

Audiio Issues

Hiding program in taskbar

Notepad: Gibberish Instead of Hebrew

Frequent Lock-ups/ BSOD.

Ultimate Defender Prompts and Slowed Internet

Recurring BSOD problem

Computer won't update kepps freezing

Looking for Programs

My computer won't open any ISO files!

Windows Store Error

chhanged security permissions to know one computer willnot boot

Why doesn't my Install Wizard install Some games?

How do I roll back?

windows 10 continual restarting loop

HDMI won't display but vga/dvi will? so stressed!

Windows 7 using 5.5gb of RAM on idle

DirectX solution

Hard Wire Network Problem

Webcam issues and errors in my device manager

Win 7 random restart of computer (acts like power failure)

World of Warcraft crash destroyed operating system

Slowdown in performance. Checking for spyware

network connections list empty

Resolution downscaling on Windows 10

Before installing a specific driver?

Help reading the mini dump

Win 7 Problems after Update last night

Vista reboot issue after updates

Right click "Start" creates error

Windows minimizing by themselves and internet disconnects

Microphone +20dB Boost keeps turning OFF

Windows keep losing focus

Windows 7 -- 4/14/10 update causes WMC problem

Changing resolution of 4K screens

Unexpexted error Windows 7 install

Need help with Windows 10 update from Windows 7

Missing desktop - not able to access anything

Microsoft Issues

computer just crashes no bsod

installing updates 1 of 5 everytime i shut down

Windows 10 creating shortcuts

Remove Ghost HDD

Problem with resuming from sleep.

Multiple BSODs - Win8 x64 - can't troubleshoot myself

Random Crash of DEATH

Crap. XP upgrade results in rebooting.

Windows only detecting 4gb of RAM

Help! Installed Win7 (netbook) & settings messed up!

Missing Network Connections

randomly opening windows

restarting comp.no blue screen

Crashing Driver_irql_not_less

Programs won't run

Hang While Using Utorrent!

Windows Maximize Problem

A good universal shortcut key software?

No internet connection/network adaptor

Will not load OS

volume control interface gone

webcam help

Almost all games and apps no longer work after recent windows update.

Network issues after updates

System Stanby every 20mins on Notebook PC

Unable to boot to Windows.

Copy Windows 10 Upgrade files to another PC

cant open add or remove programs for xp

Always getting this error_in Vista

Can I unstack the toolbars?

computer keeps starting up

Windows 10 tablet upgrade no cameras now

Long boot and constantly accessed hd. Help please

Can't defrag drive in XP

turn off parental controls for Family Fued

My Laptop won't read CD's anymore

Autobackup error report freezes computer

icons will not load on desktop

Slow performance!

my computer folder takes over two minutes to load

Windows won't reinstall and windows won't start altogether

Vista Crash After Windows Automatic Update.

Blurry Text in Firefox

can't complete start up cycle

Please HELP : Windows Download Stuck

How best to get new Windows license for CPU and MoBo upgrade?

Windows 10

Computer locking up.can't reset

Windows installation problems

Gaming frequent BSOD

Windows Update Botched My Install

I need help fixing a problem with my audio configuration

JPEG thumbnails and files slow to load

c:\windows\system32\kejezegu.dll and c:\windows\system32\yukahute.dll errors.

slow page opening or folder etc.

Windows 7 DVD Play menu option inop

BSOD Critical_Process_Died

Many bluescreens (daily)

Internet stuck on identifying

windows wil not load nor will it load with installiation media

problems with usb pc camera

change color of Windows?

Windows Photo gallery won't start or open pictures.

Weird Desktop problem

Windows can't load personalization page?

My mouse is scrolling through answer bubbles not the actual page?

Stuck at log-in screen!

BSOD 7F (most probably a driver)

Can't log on to Windows

Long Startup Delay!

Mute icon in taskbar toggles on/off

Various issues: Installer

Winload.exe not signed after installing Windows 8 Dev Preview

Very annoying. Folder continues to come back.

Sleep locks my laptop

Activation scenario across two computers due to computer upgrade

Changing an OS Language

Ram Install Killed My Screen Resolution :upset:

my computer dell inspirion wont boot up

Upgrading computer what would be better windows 7 or windows 8?

Windows 10 DVD

Webcam issue

HIJack log explorer keeps closing

Task Bar (Right side) problems Icons

Windows 7 Builders Pack

Trojan Problem PC freeze or restarts

Auto-Complete for Windows Explorer

Constant random BSoDs

Weird Windows User Issue

Will Win7 upgrade work?

logon screen problems

Disabling standby password

Always have to boot twice

Help with problems with the wifi drivers?

tower won't shut down

Programs crashing

Microsoft Activsync 4.5 Issues: HELP!

InstallShield/Windows Installer not working.

stuck in a reboot loop - won't start in any mode

Logging on to bluescreen errors

Touchpad scroll doesn't work

NETGEAR wireless adapter problem

Windows not genuine: Wrongly Displayed

Please help me access my files!

Login Screen Problem

BSOD and hard crashes

windows explorer closes

BSOD - Frequent Crashes

Moved HD & Frozen Activation Screen on Boot

missing drives and partitions after upgrade

Windows Defender vs. ZoneAlarm

windows shuting down after logging

Anyone else not upgrading to Win10?

Program starting by itslelf.

General slowness and Game crashing

Monitor won't display past startup.

Audio Drivers Issues

Custom display settings for each individual user

Sound problem.I think.

Critical Error -- can't reformat

Why my Windows 10 opening much faster splitfiles in WinRar on GPT than MBR?

Windows 8.1 Start Screen vs. Windows 10 Start Menu

How do i configure a user account

Windows Freezes Randomly


No Sound on PC (Realtek High Definition Audio Driver)

Windows Crashing (over and over)

Problem with programs randomly closing

Windows 10 File Explorer

suprise! more spyware problems!

Windows Security Icons on Desktop and Running Problems

My programs won't work :(

Vista Network issues

Installed windows xp Home - cant auto update and net keeps breaking.

when i open a folder the explorer.exe crashes =/

Freshly instaled windows. lag spikes

Laptop running quite slowly

Continued BSOD's

Windows Clock problems

DirectX install error vista32

after windows update

desktop screen "refreshing" upon logging in

Desktop And Task Bar Gone!

Registry Issues

Ehternet failure to connect.

Windows dll explorer.exe problem

Internet Explorer problems after refreshing a few times.

Erratic Task Bar

WIN10 BSOD occasionally when waking from sleep

DVD drive will not play music CD

Desktop background folder?

Sharing with Vista

Update the Windows Apps with a local account of Administra

How to limit screensaver time available to operator.

PC hangs at 'shutting down' and won't turn off

Windows v. slow after shutting down during system updates

upgrading win7 without a net connection

can't automatically restart

Upgrading Error

How To Change Default Action For Drives?

PC freezes when restart button is clicked

Password error when accessing remote shares

Default Activity When External Device Is Connected

Wife Shut Down Dell Vostro 1500 During MS Updates

BSoD and computer not waking up from sleep

Multi Monitor (Always pops-up on Primary monitor)

help reading analysis of mini dump

Desktop icons have black box instead of shortcut arrow!

Need to recover personal files from one Vista system on another Vista system

Error 0x8E5E0408

.exe and .lnk problems

Boot & Live Disks not working. Can't clean install.

Allowing taskbar on top without reserving screen edge

chkdsk not running on start up

Windows XP Key Question

Skip to Win 10

videos and pictures sorted in scanner and camera wizard (moved from Other OS's)

Direct X Problems! Please HELP!

New Problem since Website Pop-up fixed

Cannot burn dvds

msplugin.dll error

Frequent freeze/BSOD

can i use my windows 10 usb.

Explorer search sidebar not displaying search options

question is long refers to two different audio outputs.

Gateway will not complete System Recovery (continuous reboot loop)

i got below errors when i scan registry. shall i repair these errors?

Windows has a problem turning off.

MASSIVE Windows Problem?

Windows backup cant restore exe or dlls?

abeaves; problem connecting to internet

Windows 10 cumulative update causes 'reboot loop' havoc for some users

will not run when installed

PLEASE help - tearing my hair outwith Command Services - computer keeps crashing

System using up a lot of memory?

PC HANGS/ LAGS and slows down on almost all of my software

Search programs and files not finding what I expected

Games Automatically Minimize

Problems with windows resizing and clicking?

Fullscreen programs minimizing on me

Sound isn't working - Windows 7

Is Microsoft forcing Windows 10?

Minor Taskbar Issue

Multiple problems have disabled my computer

Windows 10: 41% of testers installed the build on their desktop

LAN Connection Cause Computer to Endlessly Hang at Startup

Continuous HDD Access w/ games

Bandwith destroyed

How can I do the free upgrade Win 7 to Win 10 after I format my HDD?

Network computers disappeared

Windows Update not showing W10 Build 10586

virus has disables my virus scan

Windows 10: MKV support out of the box

Win 7 takes 10 minutes to shut down

Desktop is clear after waking up system

There is a window before I log in!

backup error 0x80070002

Bad XP Home Problems - Also Update Issues

slow search engine

XP Login Problem (auto restart befor logging in)

Saving Windows 7 before Upgrade

immediate logoff problem

Windows 10 upgrade contradiction

Windows Refuses to Boot ?

Cannot enter my folders problem

W 8.1. SFC repeatedly finding and fixing errors

taskbar hang after search operation in windowsXP(sp2)

Windows issues

Blank Screen No Drivers

Why can't I upgrade to pro?

Problem with dual-boot screen

OneNote 2013 starts automatically

My new pc crash

Can't delete a registry key and can't change its permissions.

program installs and clean resart

Endless "configuring updates" cycle

I am having trouble to enable the use of middle cick on my laptop.

Install issue when upgrading software

A few random BSOD's

BitLocker - Error

Problems Opening Hotmail From the Start Menu

BSOD - Uploaded the .zip folder

Win10 BSOD wrong graphics card update

Moving Bootloader to Another Partition

Major Computer Hang Ups

Some Application Windows will not Minimize

Black screen windows won't start

Intermittant Freezing

My sound output doesnt work

Multiple spyware and virus issues causing IE7 to run very slow

Windows Explorer keeps closing out with multimedia files

Sluggish performance

Missing USB Ports

my documents folder not opening

User account seems to have changed

Updates Causing Problems

Why is Oracle VM Virtual Box installed on my Windows 10 PC?

Application Hangs on Alienware M15X

Did a factory reset on my desktop now it wont boot up? Help Please?

My PC's been crashing with BSODs

Windows 10: Cortana begins to show up in consumer preview builds

Forgot your password? try this

Slow/Sluggish PC[MOVED]

IRQL not less or equal BSOD 30 seconds after desktop appears

Slow booting; Pentium screen

upgrade problem

Upgraded Vista to 7 - Lost Some Features

Losing wireless connection on startup

Mouse continuously shows loading sign every 5 seconds

Standby issue

Error Message when I Shut Down

Start Menu -> All Programs won't work

Computer Recently Started Lagging

Win7 x64 hangs on boot (last driver amdkmdfd.sys) or lags/BSOD

fixed crashing but now can not log in! ;(

have the Ucleaner bug-5 steps in progress- when shud i decide to reload op system?

Jerky/slow scrolling in xp HELP ME SOLVE PLEASE

Windows 7 HomeGroup Sharing Problems

Freezes Randomly! (BSOD)

window auto-focusing hijinks!

Text Missing in Most programs Windows!

Windows Won't Load Up + BSOD

Constant BSoD; hardware issue? Windows 7 Premium 64bit

windows error-checking

Is there anyway to run a specific program in 16-bit display

[BSOD] driver_irql_not_less_or_equal - Windows 7

slow computer and audio souds as if it's skipping

BSODs of Various Sorts and by Diverse Drivers

vista crackly/laggy sound and video?

Please read my minidump report.

user acount desappear



Folders stop responding in XP SP2 HELP!

Unwanted shut down

Intermitent computer freezes

Users Want Windows 10 to Be Bloatware-Free

Win 7 Upgrade reinstall option - Not enough space error

Network Repair Window doesn't close

IE6 blank screen when loading windows update

High CPU usage and memory usage

cant download sidebar gadgets

spyware on practically new computer

Display Corruption during Bootup - Windows 10

Laptop running slow and being an idiot - help?

computer stuck in contiguos restart loop after update.

Windows 7 file type associations reset on log in

can't turn on windows automatic update?

Screwed up fonts - * VERY annoying

Computer is at a crawl - Please Help

How do i stop windows importing evey photo from a cd card

Problem Installing Windows!

Crazy Startup Vertical Toolber Google Hijacked etc

user accounts will not work correctly.

Temporary hang on startup

problem with my start bar

default actions of drive in "My Computer" windows

Problem when resuming from hibernation

Windows 10 Opinion

I think I'm killing my computer!

Sound skipping problems.

Spyware software & microsoft.com disabled

Vista OEM VS Upgrade

Slow start up after power on!

How to Change My Windows Mail to go to Chrome Webpages?

Reboot/Shutdown Problems; IE Won't Start

UAC popping up again

Ended Process windows explorer and now screen is all black!

Drivers problem

windows update misisng/disappeared

stop folder opening for iPod

Windows default beep problem

windows update won't scan/run . running in services.msc but computer says it isn't.

Windows 10 is last Windows as we know it ? Microsoft to bet on Windows As A Service

Windows reinstall installation keeps repeating

System tray problems

Network adapter issues

Is this a Thundrbird or Windows problem?

Win 7 is crashing after only ONE month

Time out stuck at 1 minute

iTunes 10 download problem

Computer Resets/Freezes For No Apparent Reason

Win7 not booting up properly

Task Manager and Windows Firewall don't work anymore.

Reboot Really Slow

Missing Welcome Screen after logoff .

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