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Windows 7 Startup "Pauses" for 15 Min

Windows 7 i have to change permissions for every thing it sucks help plz

Messed up boot configuration Xp over Windows 7

updating through windows or my laptop won't connect to the update server

App Crash

Windows Vista/windows 7 freezes


windows 7 back to xp help please!

still see the option of booting in 2 OS?

Windows 7

Windows XP Sp3 Stop Errors

Windows 7 x64 BSOD Help Please

cant update windows

Stuck in Classic View

Start up problem and pop-up problem

Firewire does not detect!

What version of Nero works with Windows 7 ?

W7 'Setup/Installer.exe' on-and-of freezing?

Windows Genuine Advantage Question

something running in the background

Win 7 issue

Windows 7 Login Picture?

Windows 7 Password Lost

Windows 7 BSOD caused by halmacpi.dll

wuauclt.exe virus

Slow PC and 'System Restore cannot protect your computer' (Logs inside)

Loading Quickbooks Pro 2009

Fresh install of Vista Business OEM wont boot on new SSD

system freezes when clean installing win 7 from dvd

Running FIXBOOT without recovery CD

Random Freezes on Windows 7 64-bit

Windows 7 Audio

Windows 7 XCopy Errors

comp takes about 20mins to start-up

BSOD Ati2dvag

Vista vs 7

Vista shutdown error?

Windows 7 Sp1 cannot detect version of windows

Win 7 Installation Crash!

Keyboard driver fail to load

Windows 7 game launching help ?

windows 7 keeps freezing during install on new computer

Turn on Bitlocker not in context menu

Windows 7 + compatability = confusion

No drivers

Windows 10 "install disks"?

windows explorer search dead

Windows Fix - special repair CD.

windows xp & vista help!

Ethernet Drivers.

Startup problem - please help

Windows always reboots at loading screen

Windows 7 64bit BSOD

Reinstalling XP after Zero Day.

logging on to windows 7

Windows 7 Explorer Auto Search

vista wont boot/recovery loop

My Windows 7 HP Pavillion

m11x windows 7 startup problems

Windows 7 RC installation issue

Win 7 ultimate keeps freezing sometimes give error message.

Creating Mirror Disk - Windows 7 (32-bit)

windows 7 boot

Downgrade xp 64 to xp pro 32

Cannot open my computer

Unable to Auto Install/Re-Install Generic Device Drivers

Windows7 format

Long delay in booting into win7

Windows XP freezes up at sign-in screen

Windows 7 Partially Deleted. RC Disc Won't Work

Problems in Automatic Updates

Suitable for Windows 7?

Recently changed name of Windows 7 user account

cannot connect to internet after clean install

How do you use bluetooth headphones in Windows 7?

removing services made bootup slower !

Windows not Shutting Down

Loading Windows 7

Windows 7 keeps hanging?

Removing Windows 7 from dual-boot 7/Vista

Windows 7 Freeze

Using a different Windows 7 CD than original

Windows 7 disc will not boot

BITS-related update problem

C:Program corrupted cannot be read run scan disk

BSOD during Windows 7 installation.

0x80070570 error showing when trying to install windows 7 !

PROBLEM Windows 7 32-bit Random Freeze

Which version? x64 or x86

professional sp2 help!

Serious error when booting windows 7


Very Slow Windows 7


Unable to Install Any Windows Updates

Windows Profile Logs In and Immediately Logs Back Out

userinit.exe Fails to initialize

Repair install

Virus Help! nothing will open

Windows update reboot loop

Windows 7 64bit updates?

Slower startup; PC slower responding etc

boot screen

Problems with windows updates?

Got No Desktop With SP2 Upgrade

Concerns before I reinstall Windows 7

Windows 7 blue screen error 1033 [Moved from Vista/7]

windows 7 evaluation copy help!

unwanted file at startup?

windows extreme slow

Laptop unable to load windows 7

Unable to open My Computer

Hibernation/Desktop setting problem

Problem whit startup


NTVDM.exe problem

Windows 7 OS Boot CD

Windows 7 64bit BSOD on Dell Optiplex 990

Why thoosje 7 sidebar won't run automatically at starup?

Windows 7 with RAID

Windows drivers

Windows 7 Task bar has changed appearence

BSOD's Windows 7 Ultimate x64

after installing windows 7 optimum

Window 7 StandBy/hubernate error

Can any OS(xp/Vista/Win7or others ) be installed on an extrnal HDD

Windows 7 RC upgrade to Final?

Windows 7 Dual Boot Issues

Windows 7 & Stereo Bluetooth. How?

Windows 7 32-bit random freeze up problem

Windows 7 sometimes hangs during shutdown

Freeze Screen of Death

Corrupted files and shut down issues

Hard Drive options not showing up for clean Windows 7 install

All my windows 7 services are disabled?

what files can be deleted from non OS drives?

Anyone know where's the cheapest place to buy WIN 7?

Windows reverting back to XP style

Laptop Freezes and asking for login password

Windows Infinite Loop

Cannot Start Windows 7: BSOD 0x7e

Hold up on Pushing a Win7 Image

Windows 7 locking up randomly

4 GB ram installed but it shows only 2.75 GB

Windows 7 x64

Too many XP Boot Options

Windows 7 wont boot on Dell gx280

Error on windows startup

Windows 7 64 bit BSOD [moved from Vista/7]

Freeze During Vista Install

It is possible to recover data after a clean install of Windows 7?

I have 2 issues on start-up Help Please

Problems Booting Windows

lDownloading Windows disks

[Win 7] Random crashes on services and programs

Infinite BSOD in Windows 7

Installing Win XP Pro over Win ME

Comp Freezes When Shutting Down

reinstalled dell

Long Boot Time

Windows/PC issues

Admin Acct Security Updates the Limited User Accts?

Problems booting(several problems)

windows vista to windows 7 upgrade queries

C:\> appears when I switch on my xp/2000 dual boot system!

WinXp runs chkdsk with each boot

Windows 7 won't boot

Windows 7 "No Audio Output Device enabled". Tried everything. Halp!

Search | For Files and Folders

Switching to Windows 7 - Outlook

could anyone analyse a minidump for me please?

Help with reinstalling Windows 7

Login Issue when pushing Win7 image

computer administrator problem

cannot open sub folder

Can't update AV or Windows update

HELP! All of my desktop video files have become NOTEPAD files!

missing Msconfig

Unwanted Entries

USB Headset not even recognised on Windows 7 x64

Realtek audio drivers under Wnidows 7/Vista

Dual-booting Windows XP and Windows 7!

Wallpaper list problem

Errors win 7 wiped pc

Windows 7 run slow

BSOD Stop Error: 0x0000007E

How do i clean install from upgrade disk?

reinstalling without original discs

Windows Automatic Updates not installing

Dual booting Windows 7 with XP (XP second)

System shutdown error message

Hanging after entering login

Windows 7 NIC problem

Windows 7 Pro - partitions help needed

Windows 7 and software

Cannot Install or update

userinit.exe problem

Custom Reinstall Windows 7 size?

Direct 3d problem

Win7 slow startup and slow sistem

Is Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit a problem?

Programs start

virus win7

chkdsk utility running every time computer is turned on

Windows 7 SP1 won't boot

F8 not in boot menu

Adobe CS4 work with Vista 64-Bit?

How can I start and shut down my computer automatically on a schedule several times p

need help win 7 ultimate.

Windows 7 BSOD with Sata Drives Attached

Driver installation error

Windows 7 Pro update issue

constant restarts.

Install Win7 with no DVD

Windows 7 help [Display?]

Blue screen of death + windows wont read startup disk

Win 7 Pro SP1 won't install

I thought win 7 was the best and most stable?

Startup problem

Windows 7 BSOD 0x0000007b (0x880009A9928

changing to xp from windows 7

Win7 install to new/bitsa puter re:chipset

Security Centre is Missing

What Drivers do I for my Acer Aspire after WIN 7 Install?

Create second links toolbar

No drive found - Installing Windows 7 on new PC

Windows 7 toolbar is stuck on Classic

Windows7 Back up

windows 7 vs XP on a network

monitor shuts OFF at startup :(

BSOD error: Need Help! Windows 7 Won't boot normally

wireless missing

SP1 pre-installed?

My user profile is slow to load from a cold boot.

userinit.exe failed to initialize upon boot

No Explorer after login

Computer deletes almost everything upon logout

Windows 7 Media Center wont connect to my xbox: error message pops up

.exe trouble

win update does not work

Limited Or No Connectivity with Wired Network

Windows 7 Professional x64 BSOD's

Windows7 & XP SP3 on same computer

SP2 not loaded but computer says it is

Windows 7 starter clean install

Installing Win7 from USB problem.

Windows Vista Freeze on Startup

Windows Install disc booting problems

reboots at the logon screen

Repair start up?

Which windows 7 to get?

Notebook Windows Startup problem!

Ghosting windows 7

Windows 7 Updates Failing

Windows 7 64-bit

BSOD. BCCode 1000007e

Installed Ethernet Driver

Registry Default ? Reset ?

Upgrading from Vista to Windows 7 (32-Bit)

windows 7 ultimate issue

How Stop Updates Windows 7

Windows 7 MBR trouble

Wallpaper replaced Win login issues

sleep not working on 7

Help! My computer won't boot into windows!

Windows 7 Starts

Win XP Slow boot when disconnected from network

Random BSOD's on 64-bit Windows 7

Windows 7 Updates Failing Error 800736B3

Important question about user accounts! [WINDOWS 7]

Windows 7 32 bit BSODs

Windows 7 - uninstalled Left4Dead - now all text is bold/italic.

vista prem/ windows 7 ultimate

Windows 7 Nvidia Drivers

Windows 7 BSOD 0x0124 / halmacpi.dll

Extra User account Windows 7 Pro

Installing Win7 - Device Driver Missing

Notepad run and search in start menu

Not able to reinstall Windows 7 after downgrading from Win. 8 Dev. preview.

General Windows Troubleshooting Method 101

Connecting Windows 7 to XP via Crossover

I have a problem with "userinit.exe" (I think)!

OEM Win 7 VS Off the Shelf Win 7?

*Help* Locked Win7 Account

BSOD on new install - Windows 7 x64

Windows Vista STARTUP BSOD and HANGS

Registry location of System display prop (password protect screensaver)

Windows 7 Connection Problems

system restore and windows update wont work

Windows 7 BSOD - custom rig

I made the mistake of installing SP2

Windows 7 installation failed

Cannot Update Windows

Windows 7 virtual machine

New computer w/ 7

Need to restore original owner/user to files

regarding windows 7

Whats the best version for me?

How to set Administrator privileges in managing files/ folders in Windows 7 64 bit

Installation of 7 Fails !

Windows 7 Not Booting Properly

system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications

jre7 not working with Windows7

Windows 7 hard lock when Ethernet is connected.

Youtube/Windows 7 problem

Windows 7 Installation - Cannot Connect To The Internet


DELETE WINDOWS 7 and install XP

First XP Boot

Setting Up Win7 Sound in Control Panel ? Please Help!

Windows 7 starter - change Display Language

Windows 7- BSOD - ntoskrnl.exe and tcpip.sys

Vista icon problem

motherboard drivers or microsoft

How to move Windows installation to a new PC?

Have licenses but I can't get Windows 7RC help!

iPhone issues in upgrading to Windows 7

problems with regedit

Can't install Windows 7 Service Pack 1 because file is missing

[Help] Windows 7 x86 Failure

Win 7 & server 2000 share issue

Windows 7 won't recognize my camcorder


Stuck on Checking for updated

[Urgent] Windows 7 Won't boot after Grub screen

Windows not starting

startup recovery problem

screen freezing and microsoft error messages

Automatic schedule of Defragmenter

shut Down Promblems

BITS and WinHTTP fail to install. I have tried a lot

Boot Sector Installation problems


Windows 7 x64 BSOD on sleep/hibernate (DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE)

Mysterious driver BSOD? (Win7 64)

Win 7

Problems starting windows 7

Internet conenction icon says disconnected even though not.

Explorer.exe - Corrupt File. Help!

Shut down problems

Download stops working in Windows7

Minidump and sysdata.xml error

computer is very slow start up

Windows Burning Issues.

lost dvd and usb drives

Drive_power_state_failure BSOD

0xc000000f when trying to boot from usb

Windows 7 - Can have a stable connection to play

windows 7 x86 RAM patch 1.1

Windows 7 start up problems

Please HELP! - Slow windows 7 64 Boot on new computer

Slow Startup Speed

Recent hardware changes causing BSOD

Windows 7 Home Premium x64 bit OEM freezes after startup

Windows Boot Error

just reformatted and am missing graphics driver

BSOD: Windows 7 won't Boot

WMP locking up when launching by a link

Windows 7 Sound Problem

Windows 7 reinstallation question

Ram issue/Vista 32 to 64

Windows Update won't start

Vista Downgrade

BSOD windows 7 on startup MULTIPLE_IRP_REQUESTS

Windows 7 systems cannot access each other on a home network

Can't install/uninstall any programs 64bit Windows 7

Win 7 64 Bit Check Disc issues

What version of windows 7 worth getting?

Pen and Tablet Issues - Vista Home Basic

Issues With Windows Themes

Win7 Premium upgrade

Can't open control panel or a simple folder on my desktop.

Windows 7 installation won't complete

Windows 7 BSOD when system hibernates

Need to Create a System Recovery Disk for my computer help

Can You Back-Out of a Repair Install?

Prevent network setting changing with admin account?

Programs and files missing

Windows not updating

Windows won't log off

[resolved] sfc /scannow doing its thing? (con't)

Lock computer screen needs to be changed

HP Pavilion running WIndows 7

Issues after Installing new Windows 7 on two computers.

Windows 7 'advanced search' non-existent?

Unable to install Windows 7 SP1 (Error 0x80070005)

Multiple Task Manager windows open at startup

Monitor help - Win 7

Recent Windows 7 x64 Frequent BSODs

Intalling XP after win7.

Problem when Windows shuts down

Comp freezes when I enter password.

Vista boot freeze

installing windows 7 home basis

Windows 7 is extremely slow for 30 minutes to an hour upon start-up every day.

Installation Freeze

Possible to upgrade windows 7 from vista?

Problems installing drivers on Windows 7.

start windows normally or safe mode but nothing happens

Windows booting extremely slowly

Cannot see folder names in drive c:

Win7 - Crash on Logon

Direct Draw Disabled.

Window 7

Windows 7 rc

windows 7 slow start up

Vista SP1 BSOD Please Help 7f Dump file

No Sound With New 7 Install

Windows 7 wont boot after install

Will It Run Faster if I Downgrade?

Windows always resets to classic

Windows 7 desktop freeze on startup

Freezing on User Sign In Screen [works in safe mode]

BSOD on "Windows 7 INSTALL"

Windows 7 - Strange Problem

cant update with windows updates.

Bizarre Computer restarting error (new user here.)

Ultimate SP1 64bit: What ANTIVIRUS to get?

Windows 7 hangs just after startup each time

Win7 Themes wrong ones?

Windows 7 Home Premium administrator account.

Boot File corrupted

Force monitors native resolution at bootup?

Seems like a common problem

Burn won't complete!

windows 7 keeps logging me in on default user

Startup Sound Late + Lags

Windows 7 64bit BSOD + Hangs

Applying Windows 7 fails

PC Takes 20 Minutes to Boot Up

Windows 7 Enterprise SP1

Bought Windows 7 Ultimate through Work for less than $30

XP > Windows 7 upgrade disc

Windows 7 Ultimate Problem

windows 7 on sata hdd

Windows Service Pack Updates Will Not Install

Windows 7 Offline Files via IPSec Tunnel

Win 7 Home to Pro question

Security Updates Won't Install

Windows 7 Boot Failure

Windows logon to immediate log off and now my computer won't turn on

Oleaut32.dll could not be opened

Win 7 Installation - help needed

Windows 7 Home Premium to Professional

Ungrouping FOLDERS from Windows explorer in Windows 7 Taskbar

Windows 7 crashing

Drivers Missing After Startup

Need a way to repair install Windows 7

Windows 7 freezing issue

Windows reboots at splash screen

Downloaded SP1

Help Computer Barely Running!

Non-System Drives Listed As System in Backup Util

Windows 7 Pro 64bit BSOD on start up (bug check: 0x000000f4)

Problem with Backup & Restore Centre

Windows 7 boot error.please help!

windows setup CD

Can't Install ANY Updates

How to delete Second OS and reinstal the other whick is corrupt

Windows Update installation fails

Windows 7 "Startup Error" BOOTMGR is Missing . (More Info)

Win 7600 not genuine.

Missing Sound Icon on Taskbar gone after various viruses

Just reformmated

Direct3D Problem.

Windows 7 Updates Causing Problems

Booting XP from a secondary drive

I need help dual partitioning XP and ME- Please read!

wireless network icon in taskbar

BSoD 0x7E

Outlook 2010 and Win 7

Read Minidump with Bootable CD ?

Windows 7: Can't Stop Windows Updates! HELP!

MS Service Pack 1 Installed but USB 2.O Not Running

boot menu shows three options. but I just have one opsysm.

Using Windows 7 on more than one computer

installing Vista after Windows 7

Corrupt System Repair Disk?

Blue Screen Memory Dump

xp sp3 vs windows7

How to Repair Windows 7 hanging on reboot or start up.

Any way to fix Vista from command prompt? Sepcif. wont boot up.

BSODs - Windows 7 x64 - AMD

Re-installed XP with recovery disk and have two operating systems

Drivers for XP Pro / Toshiba Laptop

visual basic script not installed message

No Windows update service - can't DL updates

boot sector issues

Networking Vista and XP

installing W7 boot choice

BSOD & OS locking up on boot up

Windows Update Installation Error

Windows 7 explorer.exe wont open - Suspicious.Mystic

Changing service packs

Windows 7 - Completely missing text

Windows 7 Ultimate NOT GENUINE

Monitor shuts off during boot up

Virus disabled shut down form start menu

Vista Restore Problem

Re: My laptop completely locks up randomly while browsing.

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