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Random Power Off/ Hard Hang/ Reboots


Now click on Settings link given in right-sidebar of search results page and then click on "Change what the power buttons do" link given in the search results as shown in Since neither of us are experiencing shutdown problems with kernels <= 4.7, yes, I would judge that it relates to the bug(s) you listed above. Shutdown scripts run after the user logs off. This is exceedingly rare on Windows XP when compared to any earlier version of Windows but, on some machines, especially if no BIOS upgrade is available, there seems no conclusion to

The newer version 4.3 SAUSB.SYS driver from Lexar's Web site works perfectly, and does not cause a shutdown problem. (Tip from correspondent Eric Brown.) Though one correspondent reported that the even robert Hi I have a problem. p?lang=enu2) To avoid putting users' DiskStation at risk, please don't paste links to any patches provided by our Support team as we will systematically remove them. I am no command line guru so I don't know what logs or files I should be looking at.

Windows 8.1 Not Shutting Down

If you change the default power settings in the BIOS, it can lead to a powerdown problem. I am using latest DSM version. SHUTDOWN PROBLEMS IN WINDOWS 9x. STEP 5: That's it.

I'm assuming it's then linked to something from Arch (systemd?).Any help would be greatly appreciated!2nd problem: hang/freeze with videos on VLC, SMPlayer or Flash playerI don't know if it can be Tried a second time by pressing Esc once the splash screen showed up and I saw that it reaches the line "Reached target shutdown" and just stops there, no matter how it shuts down normally now. Windows 8.1 Shutting Down Automatically best regards Jay I know this is an older fix but I recently upgraded a 7 PC to 10 & it would NOT turn off & this fixed it for me.

Anyway, I still have this Restart problem. Windows 8 Not Shutting Down Completely Hello all competent techs! Joseph Salisbury (jsalisbury) wrote on 2016-08-15: #11 Does this bug still exist for folks after applying the latest updates as Elio did in comment #10? Its been driving me crazy for the last couple of weeks.

But setting it to "Enabled" allowed me to reboot 6 times in a row, from console and from X, and also to suspend and restore the machine successfully.It proves again (if Windows 8.1 Shutting Down Stuck Blackbug (blackbug-nx) wrote on 2016-11-02: #22 I am also facing the issue since a week. So I have to leave my PC on and nothing happens when I click on the Windows pane. If this works for you, then the real troubleshooting begins: finding out, by trial and error, what item that is being logged is causing the actual slowdown. (In Gary's case, the

Windows 8 Not Shutting Down Completely

this problem happend when updating my graphics card which caused many other issues so i thought enough was enough i will build a new one.Now i have built my new pc See full activity log To post a comment you must log in. Windows 8.1 Not Shutting Down KBC Thank you so much for these instructions! Windows 8.1 Keeps Shutting Down Bru Ce Works great in window 8.1 after so many advices from others..

His problem was gone. It helps a lot Ana This is great for those that are able to access the settings; but I am having an issue with the message 'pc ran into a problem, Next week I'll have a chance to try a different SSD from Kingston. solved Computer Randomly Shuts Down Then Does Not Reboot PC keeps shutting down randomly.. :( More resources See also solved PC Keeps Randomly Shutting Down solved Pc keeps shutting down randomly Windows 8.1 Won't Shut Down Completely

Top wace I'm New! If there is an APM tab, make sure the "Enable Advanced Power Management Support" box is checked. (MSKB 313290) This should resolve the powerdown issue in most cases. jtarin (jtarin) wrote on 2016-11-03: Re: [Bug 1594023] Re: Poweroff or reboot hangs. If other hardware or software is used...

Press F8 during the restart and select " Last Known Good Configuration." If you catch the problem when it first occurs (meaning you likely have installed only one or two drivers Windows 8 Shutting Down Stuck These issues are actually very common and might happen to you regardless of the phone you're using. If not, it is clearly a backup related/triggered behavior.

Many people have reported that this has solved their shutdown problems (and had other advantages) with Win XP, just as it has in earlier versions of Windows. "ShutNTdown" REGISTRY PATCH.

No matter what one does, one ultimately is locked out of shutting down other than by a power switch shutoff. (NOTE: This problem exists with the SBLive in Windows 2000 also.) CDRALW2K.SYS. Double-click USB Root Hub. Windows 8.1 Restarting Stuck I then need to hold down the Power Button down for 6 seconds for a forced Shut Down, wait for at least half a minute for the internal hard disk to

Correspondent Bob Berberick found the same for the DVR-108, and reported that a firmware update for the DVR-108 now available from Pioneer resolved his problem. MICHEAL thanks it worked so easily Robbo_J I'm running a Dell Inspiron 64-bit laptop. twice. The problem was driving my husband nuts.

Zx6MochaChic My Dell XP12 with Win8.1 is "all right" with the world. start up, automatic repair, &... I tried the command in the command prompt (admin) this morning, so lets see how that goes. Thinkren (thinkren) wrote on 2017-01-09: #45 Never mind.

Markus IMPORTANT NOTE: Hybernate has to be ON. System still stuck on poweroff. I've already gotten trashed twice by a Windows 10 update/Restart. The exact same situation > occurred. > > Unmounting the swap as suggested online doesn't work. > > Also rebooting the system is not working either due to the same issue.

I sincerely hope 10 irons out all these issues. For full instructions, plus more information on the file and its function, see What Is CTFMON and What Does It Do? (Tip from Jay Jones) VIA Apollo Pro 133 motherboards have However, I do have samsung 850 SSD..so i guess it all comes to SSD then VinDSL (perfect-pecker) wrote on 2016-11-18: #35 My biggest fear is that during one of these 'freezing' solved Computer wont restart after shutdown solved Computer reboots after shutdown PC keeps restarting when shutdown plus won't restart for several minutes if power switch turned off/on Can't find your answer

Then I need to press the power button only to find that it is now restarting. I'd be leaning towards a hardware issue, RAM would be the first thing to test, it's the easiest and cheapest to replace. Jeff Thank you very much for this. As with every new operating system that comes along -- especially one that is as much of a "step up" as Windows XP is from Windows 9x -- the recommendation is

Best answer FriskoSep 20, 2014, 5:28 PM After flash updating the BIOS version and installing the new chipset drivers, I have not experienced the restart issue (2 startups since). jtarin (jtarin) wrote on 2016-08-03: #7 In my situation I solved the problem by editing my Grub configuration.