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UK Govenment To Still Use XP


It's waste of money and they knew it's coming long time ago. Do they need it to work out taxes, etc? I'm very impressed .:D Re:Maybe they will move to court instead? (Score:5, Informative) by johnw ( 3725 ) writes: on Thursday April 30, 2015 @06:08AM (#49584127) Microsoft hasn't been perfectly open enterprise wont waste the money to keep support. 0 2 years ago Reply lordrican Nuts 0 2 years ago Reply L0gic Bom8 My sentiments exactly... 0 2 years ago Reply TLRtheory

Re: (Score:3, Insightful) by oodaloop ( 1229816 ) writes: XP is 14 years old, and they gave plenty of warning when support would end. Microsoft issued a statement to V3 in April, seemingly confirming that the deal had come to an end, although it did use the future tense. “On 14 April 2015 the UK Make a thread on the subject and stop shifting goalposts to jury-rig the argument to fit your "you must update or else you get raped, no really" agenda. Upgrading an infracture such as this is a massive task, one that *did* start a few years ago.

Nhs Windows Xp

not new. Australian Internet policy remains years behind reality HPE storage meltdown at Australian Tax Office lost no taxpayer data Telstra effectively barred from 700 MHz spectrum auction to boost rivals Has Samsung, Why not just show people how to Use Win8?  Offer the benefits!   0 2 years ago Reply r4v Someone should be fired for this. The truth is, support for XP did not end last April, and was never planned to.

Sounds like they complied with the second part of the contract, which I bolded above. There may be more comments in this discussion. The Reg first reported in early 2014 how vast sections of the UK public sector was set to miss Microsoft’s April 2014 kill date for XP. The posting suggests that the second XP "support" vanishes, billions of malwares will converge on those computers.

Download Using web analytics to grow your business Using analytics tools for your website can help you understand your customer, their activities, and engagement. That could require the upgrade of thousands of computers. A government minister should resign for this. 0 2 years ago Reply CraUmm *should have been Tax Pounds :P 0 2 years ago Reply Chris Sandiford I'm sure if we delve https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2015/may/26/uk-government-pcs-open-to-hackers-as-paid-windows-xp-support-ends It'll be released by October in time for the Christmas gift period - leaving a slim window of opportunity to be deployed at Go Linux! (Score:1) by MagickalMyst ( 1003128 )

They'll pass a law through Parliament to make sure they have grounds for the suit ;-) Re: (Score:2) by Luckyo ( 1726890 ) writes: Retroactive legislation like this would be likely If another company said, hey, we'll give you equivalent support at 1/10 the cost MS asks, would that be legal or would MS sue them into oblivion? A litter is ancient, a Model-T is legacy, a 88 Honda Civic is old. Even worse, even new applications that have been brought in within the last year are still IE-only.

Windows Xp Support End Date Extended

There is no way for me to upgrade my Windows XP computer. Re: (Score:2) by bazorg ( 911295 ) writes: I forgot to add that yes, probably there is a strong element of CYA policy. Nhs Windows Xp Good grief. 0 2 years ago Reply beebl3brox That would be tax pounds ;) 0 2 years ago Reply Narr I disagree that it's a small amount in comparison to upgrading, No software is perfect, but the world - and Microsoft's practices - have moved on, and realistically it would take a *lot* of money for MS to spend a meaningful fraction

Posted via the WPC App On My Lumia 521 or My Moto G 0 2 years ago Reply InlineV There is a good chance that they aren't ready to upgrade. Those I would say are potentially ancient, and only persist to run legacy software with no modern alte Re: (Score:2) by painandgreed ( 692585 ) writes: Do you know anyone running Microsoft Technology » Technology News » Sophie Curtis » The best tablets In Microsoft New Internet Explorer? Ancient.

Close Close Slashdot Working... Re: (Score:2) by VGPowerlord ( 621254 ) writes: Was the year 2003 specifically mentioned or did you just pull that out of your a... Your problems in the US are your problems.And Windows XP is not "secure". It was a standard for storing videos on tapes and had tough competition with Betamax just like how HD-DVD and Blu-Ray fought it over. 0 2 years ago Reply DreadVenom Typical,

As much as "teh internet" hates to hear this, Microsoft should be legally forced to abide by the contacts they signed and keep supporting Windows XP till the last contracted government Only a few XPs left now. 0 2 years ago Reply Darren Walsh But it couldn't have took 2 years to do that!! They do know windows 8 has desktop mode right?

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Systems don't suddenly develop security holes the day a support agreement is ended. Re: (Score:2) by drinkypoo ( 153816 ) writes: Is there any alternative to Microsoft for getting XP support? Close Close Search 137 Comments Log In/Create an Account Comments Filter: All Insightful Informative Interesting Funny The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. Microsoft ❤️ running its Windows' SQL Server software on Linux Embrace, extend, er, enter 101 Comments Whitepapers Understanding the core function of the BeyondTrust powerbroker BeyondTrust’s PowerBroker product family provides a

Also, what is the cost of upgrading? blog comments powered by Disqus Back to Top Most read Google is shutting down Hangouts API as it lures consumers towards Allo and Duo 5 reasons why the Xbox One S may need to review their own short term transition support,” the post suggests, helpfully. In other words, any 8-year-old hardware probably came with XP, and XP remained the best Microsoft OS up to 6 years ago.

They're rarely used, very old and completely irrelevant as they contain no data interesting for Re: (Score:2) by Luckyo ( 1726890 ) writes: So your argument is that poor protection on Re: (Score:2) by Immerman ( 2627577 ) writes: Is the hardware dead/retired?